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These are just some of the deadbeat sellers and non paying bidders that are suspended. More will be added as time allows. These  members and what they failed to pay regardless of what they may shown below. This list is in accordance with our terms and conditions and privacy policy which every member agrees to when registering. This list also meets the requirements of the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ), so angry or foul mouth emails will simply be deleted or posted here. Once your name gets posted below there is a minimum $50.00 charge if you would like it removed. This is not an attempt to make money but more of a reason for you to pay the seller what you owe, Ignorance is no excuse to not know what you bid on. 

Username Name City/State Amount owed To Result
Coricaman S.Blackwell Oklahoma city, Ok $55.35 SD auctions site Suspended
Exumer2687 R.Markovitz West long branch, New Jersey $189.70 SD auction site Suspended

Petecaster P.Lang stanhope, New Jersey $176.27 SD auction site Suspended
toomanytoyzz B.Kane Townsend, Delaware $0.91 SD auction site Suspended
blade66 A.Tammaro Brooklyn, New York $0.65 SD auction site Suspended
Vics5 V.sellini florissant, Missouri $7.45 SD auction site Suspended
sgreen3827 S.Green Boothwyn, Pennsylvania $1.55 SD auction site 

bladerunner000 S.Tobin Algonquin, Illinois $49.08 SD auction site Suspended
maverick45710 M.woodyard pomeroy, Ohio $96.00 Tony66 Suspended
odenjs J.Sturdevant Keystone heights, Florida $49.00 Flitch Suspended
springerinox D.Tyler Middletown,Ohio $222.00 Iguana15 Suspended

Jimbos99 J. Valladares Thermal, California $130.00 Folgore Suspended
Davidle1980 D. Le Tulsa, Oklahoma $250.00 Rob76 Suspended
Truedeal D. Perry Baldwin city, Kansas $64.95 Jackknife Suspended
odenjs J. Sturdevant Keystone heights, Florida $100.00 Folgore Suspended
Greggo                G. Kirksey               Santa Cruz, California            $75.00   SD auction site   Suspended

Fortch1962           S.Fortch                  Danvers, Massachusetts         $125.00  Wackyshaperd     Suspended

Fortch1962           S.Fortch                  Danvers, Massachusetts         $125.00 Blademan149      Suspended

KNK                      Y.Lawrence             Yamaka, Florida                      $645.00   Folgore             Suspended