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New AKC OTF EVO Black Scales very nice

 Monday mail was nice The new EVO from AKC arrived very nice indeed smooth in/ out action feels good in the hand This is a black scaled piece thanks for looking 

USD 100.00
HDC1 (1751 )

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Old Smith & Wesson TAC Auto in Box

Old  Smith & Wesson TAC Auto in BoxLightly sharpened, some light scratches on the blade@ 7-3/4" long open@ 4-1/2" long closed@ 3-1/4" long full blade is...

USD 39.99
Edgefinder00 (415 )

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Old c. 1980's RARE ! YOUTH STAINLESS TOP Automatic OTF MINT !

Old RARE c. 1980's RARE ! YOUTH STAINLESS TOP Automatic OTF MINT !Unused, unsharpened  as newTang stamped "YOUTH STAINLESS" @ 8-1/8" long open@ 3-...

USD 199.99
Edgefinder00 (415 )

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Old RARE WWII PHILIPPINE BATANGAS Balisong Butterfly Only some fine scratches on the blade.@ 8-7/8" long open@ 4-1/8" long full blade  Colorful scale inse...

USD 99.99
Edgefinder00 (415 )

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