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7 inch Stag Italian defect will not stay opened when fired

I   Here we have  a 7 inch stag flat blade , defect will not lock up when fired Everything else works picture says it all thanks for the interest..HDC any ??? Ask b...

USD 39.75
HDC1 (1779 )

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11" Frank B Bayonet Black Lip MOP LTD Edition Fantail Stiletto

This is a Limited Edition 11" Bayonet Frank B Black Lip MOP Bolsterless Stiletto.  It is stamped "No 3/2014" on front, "Italy" on the back, and ...

USD 100.00
barshoo (449 )

1 bid  

Case XX Tiny Toothpick Pink Acrylic Knife Brand New

5 1/4" OAL Case XX Toothpick Folding Knife Pink Acrylic, Brand New in Box

USD 15.00
barshoo (449 )

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11 nch Frank Imit Ivory scales Swing Guard nice

  Here we have a 11 inch Frank B Swing Guard Imit Ivory  scales picture says it all thanks for the interest..HDC any ??? Ask before bidding OAL is  11  / Bayo   ...

USD 110.00
HDC1 (1779 )

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