WANTED Items Additional Information Amount (optional)
Henckels leverlock n/a n/a
Imperial naughty nudes window knives Good+ condition n/a
Dalton crusader n/a n/a
Swing guard 9" to 11" with the blade not being flat grind /Prefer AKC n/a
Hubertus Solingen OTF DA 1970 -1982 Condition: Excellent $300.00
Italian Colorado Sprint 1970s OTF DA Condition: Excellent $250.00
French Flash 07 1960 OTF DA Condition: Excellent $350.00
Spanish 1960s/1970s OTF DA (prefer Toledo) 8" Condition: Excellent $350.00
Large Schrade Invincible 1000 Press Button Condition: Excellent $850.00
Italian 1950 Trapdoor SA OTF All metal Preferred Condition: Excellent $939.00
Protech Elite Combat Dagger n/a n/a
Randall Jack Crider Dealers Special n/a n/a
7" Triangalo picklock Excellent + n/a
Boker Toplock II/Speedlock/MOP Inserts Excellent + -$140.00
11" Frank B dark or blonde horn Production fileworked -$150.00

If this is displayed It means
+ or better (eg.Good+ means Good or better)
Exc Excellent
Nr Near
- under (eg. -$200 means under $200)
Tort Tortoise
Cell Celluloid

If you are looking for a particular knife or knife related item, contact us by using the 'Contact Us' page. and let us know. Within 24 hours we will post it on this page. Sellers can view this page periodically, and if they have one that they are willing to sell, they can then list it on auction.

Note; Please be specific and see below examples.

Not Accepted Method Accepted Method. More Detailed Willing to Spend.(optional & not required)
Old Picklocks 11"Latama kris blade picklock. Under $400*
Schrade doubles 3 3/8ths Schrade pearlex double button. Has to be near mint or better. Under $350
ShurSnap Shursnap Snappy. Must be unused. Any color but prefer green. Under $200*

(*) Although not required, adding an amount shows/tells the Seller that even though they have what your looking, listing it might just a waste of time because they want more than what you are willing to spend. This way both save time.
Un-realistic ads will be deleted without being posted and if deemed a nuisance, could be banned.eg; Im looking for a mint Microtech OTF for under $5.
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