10/07/19: Recently seller Folgore aka Bernie's Sellers Account was suspended for using profane language and being disrespectful with a past fulltime employee of ours who was helping me out as I had other priorities with my sister who was visiting from NJ where I might be eventually transferring. Late last night I was informed by a member that Bernie was mouthing off on a forum saying that I didn't know how to run a site (funny because he's only been selling on this site since 2005). I didn't bother going there to see what he said about me because he isn't worth my time, but to set the record straight for everyone else, I do have his messages, emails and old posts that I will post on a custom made page and then you, the public can draw your own conclusions about if closing his account was the right thing to do. I should have Folgore's page ready in a week or so and will announce it here when it's ready. Stay tuned.
10/07/19: The show pictures have been moved to the bottom.

Knife Repair


Please let us know which repairman you chose and we will respond with their contact email. Please include your SD Auction Username if you would like to use the 10% off discount shown below. 

Please let us know which repairman you choose and we will forward your email to them. Please include your SD Auction Username if you would like to get the 10%off discount mentioned above . Click here to contact us.

The above members are just some that SharperDeals© and/or its administrators have used for restoration and repairs and would recommend to others. SharperDeals© takes no responsibility for any actual transactions between both parties .