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Please note that soon we will be adding shortcut button links to SD powersellers (those that have something on auction all the time) auctions for quicker access. Also we plan on adding some non knife related categories such as watches, pocket watches, spy cams, drones etc to liven things up. Suggestions welcome. No firearms. Thank you.

Update : The new categories have been added and more will be added weekly. Military was a suggested category but militaria already exists as a main category. We have added it as a sub-category to automatic aswell. We did add Currencies > Coins to the list aswell as pens. The site terms will be updated within 2 weeks. Keep the ideas coming. Thank you.

09/13/17; 05/01/17 ;

To All SharperDeals members. : Over the past few months, we have seen and been notified of the following :

  • Auctions come up and then the seller closes the auction because a buyer made an offer by messaging and not through the normal 'Make Offer' site process. Buyer went around the normal auction site system. Seller avoids paying the 'Selling Fees'.
  • Auction closes without a winner but then the buyer talks the seller into selling behind the scene using the site messaging system.
  • Auction closes without a winner because reserve was not met but then the seller contacts the high bidder bidder and offers it to them making a private sale and avoids paying the selling fees. Buyer makes a trade andor cash offer through messaging.
  • Sellers expecting a credit on fees because of a deadbeat bidder and have already re-listed or sold it elsewhere without giving a chance for the admin to look into it.

    Steps;  Must be a minimum of 7 days after auction ended. File complaint with the auction # and brief note about the issue. Admin will email the winner and mention the complaint. If resolved, great. If no response rcvd within 48hrs, the winners account is suspended and added to the deadbeats page. The seller is then credited the fees and then they can re-list the item if they choose to do so.
  • An increase of clones/look a likes and counterfeit knives. They will be deleted without explanation. The listing fees are non-refundable and not credited.
  • Stating 'As Is' but not providing clear pictures andor failing to mention crucial details of the item. Saying as-is does not relieve the seller from providing proper images and/or details of the item. Buyers should ask questions until they are satisfied with the answers they need and bid accordingly.
  • Responses to automated site emails which say DO NOT RESPOND in the first sentence.

Any of the above can/will result in immediate suspensiontermination of your account without explanation. Automatic search is enabled which flags any messaging with certain keywords andor email addresses for further monitoring. We have better things to do than sit and read messages, so don't give us a reason to do so. Please note that all messages are still in our database and can be retrieved if needed, even when deleted /archived.

We here at SharperDeals hold our sellers as well as our bidders to a higher standard so we ask that you keep it fair for everyone and we encourage you to read and understand the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policies of this site. The members here are who make the site what it is. You have the right not to use the site if you don't agree to our Terms.

Thank You,


The auction site will be down for approximately 30 minutes sometime after midnight Or after all auctions have ended for the day. We will be having these downtimes regularly for basic maintenance. No auctions will be affected by these downtimes. Thank you.


Category counters; The amount of listings per category has been disabled due to technical difficulties. A category that has nothing in it, will simply not show for ease of use. Thank you.


 Over the past few days, we received a few emails from sellers saying how much they appreciated the free listings. We have decided to have standard auctions for free and only charge for the options/upgrades (reduced) and same fee for when an item sells. No codes to enter. We hope all this encourages sellers to put up more items for auction. Shown below are the changes in green which are effective immediately. We appreciate the kind emails. Very refreshing as members usually contact us when something is not to their liking.

Thank you