10/07/19: Recently seller Folgore aka Bernie's Sellers Account was suspended for using profane language and being disrespectful with a past fulltime employee of ours who was helping me out as I had other priorities with my sister who was visiting from NJ where I might be eventually transferring. Late last night I was informed by a member that Bernie was mouthing off on a forum saying that I didn't know how to run a site (funny because he's only been selling on this site since 2005). I didn't bother going there to see what he said about me because he isn't worth my time, but to set the record straight for everyone else, I do have his messages, emails and old posts that I will post on a custom made page and then you, the public can draw your own conclusions about if closing his account was the right thing to do. I should have Folgore's page ready in a week or so and will announce it here when it's ready. Stay tuned.
10/07/19: The show pictures have been moved to the bottom.

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