11/19/18 : Policy Update : As of November 20th 2018, we will start allowing the listings of Clones. NO counterfeits.

A clone is simply made to look like another item.
A counterfeit is an items attempt to pass as the real thing with fake logos or markings.

For example a Chinese stilleto marked made in Italy is NOT allowed but a stiletto marked made in Taiwan is allowed.
Most of you dealers and buyers should be aware of the difference but when in doubt, simply ask and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The listing of a counterfeit WILL at a minimum get your listing/s ended if not suspension of your sellers account for 1 day-indefinetly(case depending). For example we have noticed a lot of fake Ganzo knives. Look a likes are allowed but if a look a like is marked with the fake logos or markings, it is not allowed. No Tolerance policy for counterfeits.

Some known but not limited to counterfeit knives are AKC stilletos, AKC Leverlettos, Boker, Buck , Chris Reeves, Cold Steel, Ganzo, Spyderco etc. Although we will try to monitor the listings as best as we can, the buyer assumes full responsibility on what they spend their money on. Do your homework. Sharperdeals assumes no responsibility in any transaction where we are not directly involved. Please report any listing of a counterfeit. Due to privacy laws we will not be able to discuss what we do, but rest assured we will look into the listing/ seller. There are no listing fee refunds on Ended Listings. Ignorance is not an excuse for policy violation. This policy update has been added to our terms & conditions page. We have added categories for clones although it's not a requirement to use them.

Thank You

11/16/18 : As some of you may have heard on various forums, Tim Zinser aka Ragtime Red passed away last month. Tim was one of the authors of The Switchblades of Italy book and was also a reviewer of the Switchblades Exposed book. He was a wealth of knowledge and was always helpful when his expertise or opinions were needed. A great kind natured guy that was liked and admired by all. He will be greatly missed.
Also I'm sad to report that SD Seller RICK passed away. He had been an SD seller since its inception over 15 years ago. He leaves behind a son who might soon follow in his fathers footsteps and become an SD seller along-side his regular job. Both Tim & Rick played important roles in our hobby in their own rights and the community mourns the passing of two legends. We send our deepest condolences to their family and friends. Pictures will be soon be shared.

11/09/18 : There will be some major changes coming soon to our teams and conditions on the SD auctions site. Stay tuned for more info.
09/18/18 : If you see an Adobe alert on some banners click allow always. Its already most likely on your computer and just a needs updated.
09/14/18 : The fees have been drastically reduced and go into affect immediately. Enjoy!
09/13/18 : The site will be down late night tonight for fees adjustment for approximately 1 hour.
09/02/18 : The new lowered fees will take effect sometime within the next two weeks. Our already low fees are displayed here.
08/28/18 : A non paying bidder page has been added on the FAQs page and a newly created deadbeats list has been added to the PRIVACY page (which you agree to when registering an account). More names will be added as time allows.

08/24/18 : A minor number issue with the subscribe page has been corrected. Than You.

08/23/18 : The errors issue is now resolved. Because of this issue, I am extending the Free yard sales category period for an extra week. Thank You.

08/22/18 : Many of you may be getting the errors shown below. It should be resolved by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

08/01/18 : We are getting some reports of pictures not showing but all the pictures are showing up just fine for us which could mean that your browser history needs to be cleared. Try this;
Clear cookies and cache
Sometimes problems loading websites can be fixed by clearing the cookies and cache.
Click the browsers settings button , click History and select Clear Recent History….
In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, select Everything. Click the arrow next to Details to display the list of items that can be cleared.
Select both Cookies and Cache.
Click Clear Now.
Close and reopen your browser.

If you are unclear , please email us with the type /version of the browser you are using and we will try creating a special step by step for you.
07/31/18 : Currently it is free to list a fixed price auction with a small charge for extra features as shown here, in a few days we will be further reducing the fees as promised. Stay tuned !
07/25/18 : To SD Sellers : In the past, it was an unwritten rule that you can have a banner as long as you maintain at least 5 active auctions (even if they are the fixed price listings ). The free banner promo will expire on 08/15. If you maintain a 5 auction minimum, the banner stays up. If it drops below 5, the banner is permanently removed and putting it back up can cost anywhere from $15-$75 when requested. Banners do increase traffic to a particular seller regardless of what some may believe. The statistics prove it and the statistics can be provided to a seller upon request. We care about our sellers and will go to greater legths to make others aware of them but you could have an annoyed customer if they click on your banner and you have no listings to view. Only you can provide your customer new exciting fresh items and want them to continue coming back to your auctions. We can bring the horse to the water but........Thank you
07/14/18 : Due to an increasing amount of spam emails and accounts, we have enabled reCaptcha user verification on the registration and contact us page.
07/12/18 : To sellers only : If you have paid your fees within the last 50 days, this does not apply to you, but if you have not paid your fees in 50 days and are past due, you need to pay your fees immediately or contact us asap. A deadbeat seller is just as bad as a deadbeat bidder. As mentioned in our Privacy policies, we will start making deadbeats public so it might save someone else the trouble as it will show up in search engines in time. Everyone should know what they buy or sell so blaming it on an email you didn't get is not going to work. We are trying to lower this sites fees even more which is why there is more urgency to this matter (already free to list a fixed price auction with no extra features ). We usually send the fees notification twice a month and usually expect payment within 30 days. That's not too much to ask, is it? If you dont know how to pay, simply login and click on members area and on that page you will see the following :

Again, if you have paid your fees within the last 50 days, this does not apply to you and you have nothing to worry about. Thank you