10/21/16 : New Feature.: SharperDeals is now smart phone enabled. Buying /selling can be done with most smart phones
10/20/16 : Everyone can now view 'Sellers Other Items' on a listing. Click on 'sellers other items ' tab to the right of the description tab.
10/19/16 : You will be able to see 'recently viewed auction items ' at the bottom of a page for quick access.
10/18/16 : Sellers now have the option to auto relist. Same as on the last one.
10/17/16 : Sellers can now add images remotely by entering the direct link (eg. photobucket, personal /private server etc).
10/17/16 : If you are not able to use your old login ,please contact us and we will reset it and give you a temporary password. Once you are able to login, you can change the password to something of your choice. We apologize for the inconvenience but it was out of our hands.